The Hotachkiss System of Rapid-
Firing Guns.
Description and Illustrations of the Guns,
Ammunition, Mounts and Carriages as Designed for
the Naval and Military Services

edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-046 $40.00 (Foreign: $70.00 )(8 1/2" x 11" soft cover book, 117 pages)


General Considerations Limiting the Designs,                                    1
Qualities of Steel Used in the Manufacture of Hotchkiss Guns,          3
Strength of Cross-Section Under Maximum Pressure,                       5
Effect of Dead Weight of Gun on the Service Conditions,                 8
Calibers of Hotchkiss Guns,                                                           13
Details of Gun-Body and Mechanism,                                             15
The Action of the Mechanism,                                                        18
Directions for Mounting and Dismounting,                                      18
Accessories of the Gun and Mechanism,                                        20
Cartridge Cases,                                                                            25
Shells,                                                                                           26
Shrapnel,                                                                                      27
Case Shot,                                                                                    27
Fuzes (Hotchkiss Nose, Hotchkiss Base,
    Armstrong Combination, Desmarest),                                        27
The Drill Cartridge,                                                                       31
Naval Non-Recoil Mounts,                                                            33
The Elswick Recoil Mount,                                                           36
The Hotchkiss Recoil Mount,                                                        38
Pivot Carriage,                                                                              40
Mountain Carriage for 1-Pdr.,                                                        40
Field Carriage for Rapid Fire,                                                        46
The Limber,                                                                                 44
Naval Landing Carriage,                                                                46
Embrasure Mount,                                                                        46
Firing Table, Hotchkiss 1-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,                          51
Penetration Table, Hotchkiss 1-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,                  55
Torpedo-Boat Targets, Hotchkiss 1-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,           56
Oak Penetration,                                                                           66
Steel Plate Penetration, Hotchkiss 3-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,           69
Iron Plate Penetration, Hotchkiss 3-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,            71
Torpedo-Boat Targets, Hotchkiss 3-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,          73
Firing Table, Hotchkiss 6-pdr. Rapid-Firing Gun,                          78
Steel and Iron Plate Penetration, 6-pdr, Rapid-Firing Gun,              84
The Efficiency of the Rapid-Firing Gun in Defense
    From Torpedo-Boat Assaults,                                                   85
Statement of the Governing Conditions of a Torpedo-Boat Attack, 89
Perfect Fire,                                                                                  89
Actual Speed of Fire,                                                                    91
Accuracy of Fire, 93Compensations,                                             95
Rules for Receiving Torpedo-Boat Attacks,                                  102
Tables of Weights and Measures,                                                 106


Frontispiece. 6-pdr. Gun on Crinoline Mount,                       2
Plate I. 3-pdr. Gun on Elswick Recoil Mount,                       7
Plate II. Sections of Hotchkiss Gun-Body,                          11
Plate III. Hotchkiss Rapid-Firing Guns,                               12
Plate IV. Mechanism of Hotchkiss Breech-Block,                14
Plate V. Breech Sections of Hotchkiss Guns,                      16
Plate VI. Detail of Dismounting the Mechanism,                  19
Plate VII. Accessories and Spare Parts,                              21
Plate VIII. Cartridge Cases,                                                23
Plate IX. Ammunition in Section,                                        24
Plate X. Fuzes,                                                                  28
Plate XI. Cartridges,                                                           30
Plate XII. 1-pdr. Gun on Steel Cone,                                  32
Plate XIII. 3-pdr. Gun on Crinoline Mount,                         35
Plate XIV. Hotchkiss Recoil Mount,                                   37
Plate XV. 1-pdr. Mountain Carriage,                                   39
Plate XVI. 3-pdr. Field Carriage and Limber,                      41
Plate XVII. 1-pdr. Gun on Torpedo Boat Tower,               43
Plate XVII. 6-pdr. Embrasure Mount,                                45
Plate XVIII Penetrations of Light 3-pdr. in Steel Plates,      48
Plate XIX. Penetrations of 3-pdr. in Oak Timbers,              67
Plate XX. Penetrations of 3-pdr. in Steel Plates,                  72
Plate XXI Penetration of 3-pdr. in Iron Plates,                    70, 72
Plate XXII. Penetration of 6-pdr. in Steel,                          74
Plate XXIII. Penetration Diagram, Metric Scale,                 76
Plate XXIV. Penetration Diagram, English Scale,                86
Plate XXV. 3-pdr. Field Carriage,                                      88
Plate XXVI. 3-pdr. Limber, 90
Plate XXVII. Effect of 3-pdr. Shell on
    Torpedo Boat Target,                                                  92
Plate XXVIII. 3-pdr. Naval Landing Carriage,                   94
Plate XXIX. 6-pdr. on Pivot Carriage,                              96
Plate XXX. 1-pdr. Guard Boat Armament,                       98
Plate XXXI. 9-pdr. Naval Mount,                                   101
Plate XXXII. Explosive Effect of 6-pdr. Shell,                103
Plate XXXIII. 33-pdr. on Naval Carriage,                        105


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