World War I
Handbookof the
45 inch Maxim Gun
G.G. Chamber or .303-inch Maxim Gun

edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-048 $25.00 (Foreign: $55.00)(8 1/2" x 11" soft cover book, 52 pages)

              TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Nomenclature,                                                                             1
General Description,                                                                  11
Action of Mechanism,                                                               15
General Instructions,                                                                 16
Keeping the Gun in working order,                                          17
Instructions for Armourers stripping and assembling the Gun, 17
Muzzle Attachments,                                                                18
Failures that may occur,                                                            20
Appurtenances and Spare Parts,                                               21
Box, Spare Parts and Tools,                                                      23
Weights and Dimensions,                                                         27
Belt-filling Machine,                                                                 31
Cone Mounting,                                                                       31
Tripod Mounting,                                                                     32
Field Stand,                                                                               32
Field Carriage,                                                                           33
Instructions for examination of .303-inch Maxim barrels,        34


Elevation of gun,                                                     35
Sectional elevation of gun,                                      35
Elevation of lock, firing position,                             36
Elevation of lock, extreme rear position,                 37
Sectional elevation of lock, firing position,              38
Sectional elevation of lock, extreme rear position,  39
Feed block, right side view,                                      40
Cone mounting for Maxim Gun, side elevation,      41
Cone mounting for Maxim Gun, plan & rear view, 42
Muzzle attachment for blank firing, section,            43
Field carriage, elevation,                                          44
Field carriage, rear view,                                          45
Field carriage, plan,                                                 46
Tripod mounting, side elevation,                            47
Tripod mounting, end elevation,                            48
Tripod mounting, plan,                                           49
Field stand, side elevation,                                      50
Field stand, end elevation & stowed,                      51
Field stand, plan,                                                     52


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