The Field Manual for
the use of the Officers on Ordnance Duty
of the Confederate States of America: 1862

 Edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-005 $55.00 (Foreign; $85.00)(8 1 /2" x 11", soft cover book, 342 pages)

Table of Contents

Chapter I

Calibers and kinds of ordnance, pg. 2, 3 
Definitions, pg. 4
Nomenclature, Guns of the Model 1861, pg. 5
Guns of the Model 1841 - 44, pg. 5
Different kind of cannon, pg. 5
Chambers, pg. 6
Principal Dimensions and Weights of Siege and Field Guns, pg. 7
Principal Dimensions and Weights of Siege and Field Howitzers, pg. 10
Materials for Ordnance, pg. 13
Bronze, pg. 13
Cast iron, pg. 13
Wrought iron and steel, pg. 13
Marks, pg. 14
Injuries caused by service, pg. 14
Spiking and unspiking guns, pg. 15
Preservation of ordnance, pg. 16
History of cannon, pg. 16

Chapter II

Material, pg. 20
Classification, pg. 20
Shot, pg. 22

Chapter III

Artillery carriages, pg. 23 
Field gun carriages, pg. 23-29 
Mountain Howitzer and mountain rifle carriage, pg. 30 
Siege gun carriages, pg. 30 
Limbers, pg. 31-34
Field and siege wagons, pg. 35

Chapter IV

Artillery implements and equipments, pg. 36
Tangent scales for field guns and Howitzers, pg. 37
Tangent scales for pendulum hausses for field guns and Howitzers, pg. 39
Weights of implements and equipments, pg. 42-44

Chapter V

Artillery harness, pg. 45
Pack - saddle and harness for mountain artillery, pg. 46
Packing the mountain Howitzer, pg. 46
Horse equipments for the cavalry service, pg. 46
General directions for shoeing horses, pg. 47
Harness required for each horse, pg. 47
Preservation of harness in store, pg. 49

Chapter VI

Small arms, swords, sabres, etc., pg. 50
History of small arms and projectiles, pg. 50
Different kinds of small arms, pg. 52
Nomenclature, pg. 54
Principle dimensions, weights, etc., of small arms, pg. 55
Ammunition for small arms, pg. 56
Preservation of arms in service, pg. 57
Taking arms to pieces, pg. 57
Cleaning and care of arms, pg. 59
Strength and durability of musket barrels, pg. 61
Swords and sabres, pg. 64
Principal dimensions and weights of swords and sabres, pg. 65
Accoutrements, pg. 66
Weight of accoutrements, pg. 67
Musket and rifle practice, pg. 67

Chapter VII

Ammunition, pg. 71
Gunpowder, pg. 71
Ammunition for small arms used in the C.S. service, pg. 74
How to make cartridges, pg. 75
Ammunition for field pieces, pg. 75
Dimensions and weight of fixed ammunition, pg. 78
Contents of each packing box of field ammunition, pg. 79
Ammunition for siege and garrison service, pg. 80
Charges for shells for Columbiads and heavy guns, pg. 81
Military fireworks, pg. 82
Fuzes, pg. 83
Rockets, pg. 84
Storage and preservation of ammunition and fire works, pg. 86

Chapter VIII

Interior arrangement of ammunition chests for field guns and Howitzers, pg. 89
Ammunition carried in each chest, pg. 89-92
Implements and equipments for field carriages, pg. 93-94
Implements and equipments for Prairie carriages, pg. 95
Implements and equipments for the mountain Howitzer carriage, pg. 96
Equipment of traveling forges and battery wagons, pg. 96
Contents of the limber chest of forge A, . pg. 98-99
Contents of forge body A, pg. 100
Contents of limber chest for battery wagon C, pg. 101-103
Contents of wagon body C, . pg. 104-106
Contents of forge chest, pg. 107
Contents of smiths' tool chest, pg. 108-109
Contents of carriage makers' tool chest, pg. 110-111
Weights of gun carriages and caissons, equipped for field service, pg. 112-113
Weights of forges and battery wagons equipped for field service, pg. 114
Field train,. pg. 115
Ammunition for small arms, pg. 116
Composition of a battery on the war establishment, pg. 116-118
Rocket battery, pg. 118
The field park, pg. 118

Chapter IX

Mechanical manoeuvres and artillery practice, pg. 119
Ranges, pg. 124-137
Service projecting and bursting charges, pg. 138
Elevation, ranges and times of flight of 10-pdr. Parrott gun, pg. 139
Height of breech sight for different angles of elevation, pg. 140-143
To estimate distances, pg. 144
Velocities of cannon balls, pg. 145

Chapter X
Recoil of gun, pg. 147
Pressure of gunpowder per square inch, pg. 149
Causes of difference in the endurance of cannon, when cast solid and when cast hollow, pg. 150
Weights and measures, pg. 151-158
Table of natural sines and tangents, pg. 159-163
Appendix, pg. 164
Rates of prices of small arms and accoutrements, pg. 168-170
Rates of prices of swords and sabres, pg. 171
Rates of prices of accoutrements, pg. 172
Ordnance depots and officers, pg. 173


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