Ordnance Instructions
for the United States Navy:

 Edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-007 $60.00 (Foreign; $90.00)(8 1 /2" x 11", soft cover book, 473 pages)

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter I

Captain, pg. 1
Executive Officer, pg. 4
Officers in charge of divisions, pg. 5
Master, pg. 6
Chief Engineer, pg. 6
Gunner, pg. 6
Carpenter, pg. 8
Yeoman, pg. 9

Chapter II

General distribution of officers and men at quarters, pg. 10
Distribution and arms of men at the guns, pg. 16

Chapter III

Duties at quarters in battle or exercise, pg. 27
Equipments and implements, pg. 32
Broadside guns, stations and gun numbers, pg. 36
Calls for assembling at quarters, pg. 37
Preparations for exercise at general quarters, pg. 39
Arrangements for delivering and distributing powder, pg. 41
Naval gun carriages, pg. 45

Chapter IV

Exercise of broadside guns, pg. 50
Exercise of pivot guns, pg. 73
Notes upon the manual exercise, pg. 93
The use of fuzes, pg. 105
Boarders, pg. 106
General precautions to be observed in time of war, pg. 108
Directions in case of fire, pg. 110

Chapter V

Rifled cannon, pg. 113

Chapter VI

Monitors, pg. 121

Chapter VII

Mortars, pg. 129

Chapter VIII

Miscellaneous operations, pg. 147

Part II
Chapter I

Equipment of boats, pg. 151
Fixtures in boats for boat guns, pg. 158
Exercise and manoeuvre for boat howitzers, pg. 161
Exercise with howitzer on field carriage, pg. 174
Remarks on the use of naval light artillery, pg. 175
Notes on the use of boat howitzers, pg.176
Landing seamen, marines and howitzers, pg. 180

Part III
Chapter I

Ordnance and ordnance stores, pg. 182
Inspection and proof of naval guns, pg, 186
Use of the inspecting instruments, pg. 194
Powder proof, pg. 198
Water proof, pg. 199
Marking guns, pg. 199
Extreme proof of trial guns, pg. 200
Preparation of guns for service, pg. 204
Preservation of guns, pg. 206
Inspection of shot and shells, pg. .211
Shot and shell gauges, pg. 214
Piling of balls, pg. 219
Preservation of shot and empty shells, pg. .222
Preparation of shell for service, pg. 222
Gunpowder, pg. 226
Service charges for naval guns, pg. 231
Cannon and friction primers, pg. 237
Cartridge bags, pg. 238

Chapter II

Magazines and shell rooms, pg. .242

Chapter III

Gun carriages, pg. 249
Gun gear, pg. 251
Griolet, pg. 255 213
Directions for cleaning arms, pg. 267
Paints and lacquers, pg. 270

Allowance Table of Crews

Directions as to using the allowance tables of crews, pg. .278
Table I. Showing the number of hands for various kinds of guns, pg. 280
Table II. Allowance of Petty Officers for various kinds of vessels, pg. .284
Table III. Allowance of Officers, when, pg. .289
Table IV. Allowance of Marines, when, pg. .292

Tables of Gunnery Practice

Graduation of sights and ranges, of 32 pdrs: of 27 or 33 cwt.: No. 1, pg. 294
Graduation of sights and ranges, of 32 pdrs: of 42 or 57 cwt.: No. 2, pg. 295
Graduation of sights and ranges, of 8 in.: of 55 or 63 cwt.: No. 3, pg. 296
Graduation of sights and ranges, of 9 and 11 in. shell guns: No. 4, pg. .297
Approximate ranges of shell guns No. 5, pg. 298
Approximate ranges of shot guns and howitzers No. 6, pg. .305
Approximate ranges of rifle guns No. 7, pg. 311
Table for finding the distance of an object at sea No. 8, pg. 314
Form of report of target practice with great guns No. 9, pg. 316
Form of report of target practice with small arms No. 9, pg. 318
Directions as to preparing reports of target practice No. 10, pg. 319

Forms of Reports of Inspection and of Target Practice

Forms of reports of inspections No. 1, pg. 321
Questions to be embraced in reports of target practice No. 2, pg. 325

Tables of Allowances or Ordnance Stores

Tables of allowances of ordnance equipments and stores, pg. 326

Terms and definitions, pg. 360

Carriages, pg. 368


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