Generic Destroyer Photoetched Details
1/192 scale (1/16"=1')
8-1/2 x 10 sheet, nickel-silver
Cost: $75.00 per sheet plus shipping & packaging

The following is a list of everything on the sheet. I don't use brass, all of my photoetch is made of nickel-silver because I find it easier to use. It's a little harder than brass, but nowhere near as hard as stainless steel. You can still cut it with an X-Acto knife. Here's what each sheet consists of:

RADARS: SA, SC, SC-4, (these come with all the di-poles) SPS-6, SPS-10 (2 variants, just screens), SPS-49 (screen and all mounting brackets to form radar).

FIRECONTROL: Mk.3, Mk.4, Mk.12, Mk.22 (with mounting brackets) Mk.29 & Mk.35 dish screens (one solid, one mesh).

ANTENNAS: TDY, bayonnet type fan (half round), and 8 and 16 pole type round IFF.

WEAPONS: 40mm twin & quad gunsites and railings (enough for three each), 20mm gunsites, shoulder rests, single and twin shields (enough for 12, 10 shields of each), 40mm clip racksthat go inside the gun tubs (round, 3 of each) plus many straight ones.

MISC: 2 stoke's stretchers, assortment of hand wheels (3, 4, 5 spoke), 10 floater-net baskets (later style), 19 inflatable life-raft brackets, 16 life-raft grated bottoms, 12 rope reel ends (6 each, 2 sizes), 26 vertical ladders (1.5 inches long each), 18 incline ladders (2 styles, 3 sizes), 50 one hole stanchions, 50 two hole stanchions, 50 three hole stanchions (these stanchions require .006 or .008 brass rod), 140 life-line stanchions with three loops for wire-rope (I use silk thread for my life-lines).

Submarine Decal Sheet
$10.00 (8.5x11 sheet) plus $5.00 shipping.