Universal History
of the
United States of America;
the whole period
from the
earliest discoveries,
down to
the Present time (1830).

edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-082 $65.00 (Foreign; $95.00)(8 1/2" x 11" soft cover book, 274 pages)
An interesting book of American history through the eyes of C.B. Taylor, copyrighted in 1830.


Birth, education, and early life of Columbus-                      
   Discoveries by Columbus, and others,      page v

Part I.
Chapter 2.
From the Settlement of Jamestown, to the Embarcation of the Plymouth Company.

Voyage of Captain Newport,       page1
Attack of the Natives,                  page 2
Captain Smith tried and acquitted,  page 2
Return of Captain Newport to England, page 2
Distress of the Colonists,              page 3
Their dissensions,                         page 3
Captain Ratcliff made President,   page 3
Fortifications erected at Jamestown,  page 3
A conspiracy detected in the Colony, page 3
The Indians capture John Smith,   page 3
Smith liberated by Pocahontas,     page 4
More settlers and provisions arrive, page 4
Delusion respecting gold dust,       page 4
First remittance to England,           page 4
Exploring party visits the Susquehannah,  page 5
First females arrive in the country,  page 5
New charter, and increase of settlers, page 5
Disputes respecting precedency,    page 5
Sir T. Dale arrives with men and provisions,  page 7
Another new charter issued,           page 7
Lotteries first granted in England, for the benefit of the settlements, page 7
Mr. Rolfe marries Pocahontas,       page 7
Land allotted to individuals,            page 8
Edicts against raising Tobacco,       page 8
Martial law declared,                      page 8
Tyranny of the Deputy Governor,    page 8
Sabbath laws, and penalty for breach thereof-punishment by slavery, page 9
First colonial assembly convened,    page 9
Females transported, and sold for wives, their price, page 9
First convicts transported,               page 9

Chapter 3.
From the Embaraction of the Plymouth Company, to the close of the Pequot War.

King=s Letters Patent-boundaries,    page 11
Settlers Embark at Southampton,     page  11
Colonists land at Cape Cod,            page 12
Sabbath first observed in New-England,       page 12
Great mortality in Plymouth colony,  page  13
Governor Carver dies, Mr. Bradford succeeds, page 13
Evils threatened by Indians and famine,         page 13
Public Fast, and Thanksgiving appointed,      page 14
Virginia Company form a constitution,           page 14
Massacre in Virginia,                       page 15
Great drought in Plymouth,              page 15.
Charlestown settled,                        page 15
Fifteen hundred people arrive at Salem,         page 15
John Winthrop made Governor,       page 15
Churches established,                      page 16
Arrival of Messrs. Haynes, Stone, and Hooker, page 16
Connecticut river discovered,           page 16
Difficulty with the Dutch at Hartford, page 17
Ravages of the Smallpox,                  page 17
Connecticut settled-sufferings,           page 18
First Court holden in Connecticut,     page 18
Charter of Connecticut obtained,       page 18
Indian murders,                                 page 18
Captain Stone, and John Oldham, murdered,   page 18
Reprisals on the Indians,                    page 19
Indian ambuscade at Saybrook,         page 19
Enterprise under Captain Mason,       page 20
Attack on a Pequot fort,                    page 21
The fort and wigwams burnt,              page 23
The Dutch restore two captive maids taken by the Pequots,
   and saved by means of a squaw,     page 25
Battle with the Indians at Fairfield,      page 26
The triple alliance at Hartford,            page 26
Thanksgiving, on account of Peace,    page 26
New-Haven discovered,                    page 26
Earthquake in New-England,              page 28
Increase of settlements in Connecticut, page 28
Portsmouth and Exeter settled,            page 29
New-Hampshire separated from Massachusetts, page 30
Rhode Island purchased of the Indians, page 31
First permanent settlement in Maine,    page 31
Vermont declared an independent state, page 32
Remarks on the religion of the colony,  page 33
Quakers made their first appearance,   page 33
First Baptist Church in America,          page 34
Manners and customs,                         page 34
Prohibiting the use of tobacco,             page 34
Agriculture and commerce,                  page 34
Arts and manufactures,                        page 34
Printing first introduced,                       page 34
Education and population,                    page 34

Part II.
Chapter 4.
Discovery and Progress of the Middle and Southern States.

Hudson=s voyage and discoveries,        page 35
Sir Thomas Dale and the Dutch,           page 36
Grant of the Dutch West India Company, page 36
Settlement of New-Jersey by the Danes, page 36
Emigration of Swedes and Finns,          page 36
Delaware settled by Swedes and Finns, page 36
Maryland settled by Roman Catholics,  page 36
William Clayborne excites rebellion,      page 37
Grant of Carolina to Sir R. Heath,         page 37
Indigent subjects transported to Georgia, page 37
First house built in Savannah,                page 37
History of all the colonies combined,     page 37
Charter of Connecticut read to the freemen, page 37
Difficulty in collecting taxes,                  page 37
New-York submits to Colonel Nichols, page 37
Demand of Sir Edmund Andross,         page 38
Determined resistance of Captain T. Bull, page 38
Commencement of Philip=s War,          page 38
Defence of a house in Brookfield,         page 39
Attacks of Indians on several towns,     page 39
Indian fort taken and destroyed,
   with many of the men, women,
    and children,                                     page 40
Death of King Philip,                             page 41
Peace concluded with the Indians,         page 42
Form of Government by William Penn,  page 42
Sir E. Andross demands the Connecticut Charter,
   which is hidden,                                 page 42
Tyrannical proceedings of Andross,       page 43
War between France and England,        page 44
Massacre at Schenectady,                     page 44
Casco, in Maine, destroyed,                  page 45
An expedition fitted out against Canada, page 45
Narrative of Sir William Phipps,             page 45
Henry Sloughter appointed Governor of New-York, page 45
Leisler and Melborne executed,             page 45
Colonel Fletcher succeeds Governor Sloughter, page 45
Governor Fletcher demands the submission
   of the Connecticut militia to his command, page 45
A treaty between Great Britain and France,  page 46
The surprise of Dover,                           page 46
Heroic act of Mr. Dustan,                      page 47
Distressing situation of Mrs. Dustan, and other captives, page 47
The Earl of Bellamont appointed Governor, page 47.
War with the French, Indians, and Spaniards, page 48
Deerfield surprised and the people killed and made prisoners, page 48
Mr. Williams, and other prisoners, redeemed, page 48
Expedition against Canada,                    page 48
Nine transports lost,                               page 48
Samuel Street appointed Governor,        page 49
Indian War in South Carolina,                 page 49
Peace between France and England,       page 49
William Burnet appointed Governor,       page 49
Forts and trading houses built on Lake Ontario,  page 49
Indian War-Peace restored,                    page 50
Settlement of Georgia,                             page 50
Disturbance among the Negroes in South Carolina, page 50.
War again broke out between England and France, page 50
Louisburg taken by the English,                page 50
Peace restored in 1748,                           page 51

Chapter 5.
French and Indian War.

Causes which led to this war,                   page 53
Washington expedition,                            page 54
Braddock=s defeat,                                  page 55
Lord Loudon arrives as Commander-in-chief, page 57
Loss of Oswego,                                     page 57
General Amherst arrives in America,        page 58
Generals Amherst and Wolfe capture St. John=s and Louisburg, page 63
An attack upon Ticonderoga,                   page 63
Fort Frontenac taken,                              page 65
Expedition against Canada,                      page 65
Quebec taken by General Wolfe,             page 66
Close of the French and Indian war,         page 67

Part III.
Chapter 6.
American Revolution.

Causes which led to the American Revolution,  page 69
Several cargoes of tea destroyed in Boston harbour, page 81
Battle of Lexington,                                  page 84
Ticonderoga taken by the Americans,       page 85
Battle of Bunker=s Hill,                             page 86
Washington appointed Commander-in-chief of the American forces, page 87
Falmouth, in Massachusetts, burnt by the English, page 88
An attempt to storm Quebec,                   page 89

Chapter 7.
American Revolution continued.

Boston evacuated by the British,               page 92
Admiral Parker attempts the siege of Charleston, page 93

Chapter 8.
American Revolution continued.

New-York taken by the British,                page 97
Danbury destroyed,                                  page 100

Chapter 9.
Evacuation of Canada.

Carleton=s battle,                                      page 101
Battle of Bennington,                                page 104
Battle of Saratoga-Capture of Burgoyne,  page 104
Battle of Brandywine,                               page 105
Capture of Philadelphia,                            page 105
Philadelphia evacuated by the English,       page 106
Battle of Monmouth,                                 page 106

Chapter 10.
Operations of the Revolution.

Expedition of Captain Ferguson,                page 110
Expedition of Colonel Campbell,                page 111
Georgia occupied by the English,                page 111
Storming of Stoney Point,                           page 112
Naval excursion of John Paul Jones,            page 113
Movements of General Gates,                     page 116

Chapter 11.
Treason of Arnold-Andre taken.

Count De Grasse=s arrival with 3,300 troops, page 123
Battle at Yorktown-fall of Cornwallis,          page 123
Cessation of hostilities,                                 page 125
Washington=s farewell orders,                       page 127
Evacuation of New-York,                            page 128
Parting scene between Washington and his officers, page 128
Washington resigns his commission to Congress, page 129

Chapter 12.

Of the confederation, formation, and adoption,
   of the present constitution of the United States, page 131
General George Washington elected first President, page 131
Washington=s journey from Mount Vernon to New-York, page 132
President=s tour through New-England,         page 134
The first census completed in 1791,              page 136
A treaty with the Creek Indians,                   page 136
War with the Northwestern Indians,             page 136
General St. Clair=s military operations,          page 136
General Wayne=s victory,                             page 136
General Washington re-elected President, 1792, page 137
Declaration of War by France, against England and Holland, page 137
Proceedings of Congress,                             page 137

Chapter 13.

John Adams elected President, 1797,           page 139
Difficulties with France,                                page 139
Death of General Washington-doings of the nation, page 140
Mr. Jefferson chosen President, and Mr. Burr Vice President, page 141
Ohio admitted into the Ujion in 1803,           page 141
Tripolitan war,                                             page 141
Peace with Tripoli,                                       page 142
Mr. Jefferson re-elected President,
   Mr. Clinton Vice President,                       page 142
Mr. Burr=s proceedings, and trial,                 page 142
James Madison elected President,
   Mr. Clinton re-elected Vice President, 1809, page 144
War declared against Great Britain,              page 144
Detroit taken,                                               page 144
Naval proceedings,                                       page 145
Mr. Madison re-elected President,
   and George Clinton Vice President, 1813,  page 148
Skirmishes on the sea coast,                          page 150
Commodore Porter=s cruise,                          page 153
Perry=s Victory,                                             page 158
Commodore Chauncey=s cruise,                     page 166
Fort Mim=s taken, and the garrison murdered, page 170
War with the Indians at the west,                    page 170
Saybrook attacked, and the shipping destroyed, page 178
The British attempt landing at Stonington,        page 179

Chapter 14.

Operations of the army on the frontier,            page187
Destruction of the capitol,                               page192
The British attack Baltimore-death of General Ross, page193
M=Donough=s victory,                                     page193
Hartford Convention,                                      page199
The Creek war renewed,                                page 199
General Jackson takes Pensacola,                   page 200
Jackson=s Victory,                                          page 202
Peace with Great Britain,                                page 205

Chapter 15.

General view of the United States,                  page 207
View of the Western States,                           page 208
Estimate of the population,                              page 212

Chapter 16.

President Monroe=s Administration,                 page 215
Mississippi admitted into the Union,                 page 216
War with the Seminole Indians,                        page 216
Arkansas admitted into the Union,                    page 218
Mr. Monroe re-elected President,                    page 219
Lafayette=s landing at New-York-his tour,        page 222
John Quincy Adams elected President,             page 226
Lafayette=s departure for France,                      page 228
Doings in Congress,                                          page 228
Death of Adams and Jefferson,                          page 229
Treaty with M=Intosh,                                        page 236
Remarks upon Part Third,                                  page 242
Jackson chosen President,                                  page 247
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road,                           page 250

Chapter 17.

A review of the progress of the Western States,  page 253

Chapter 18.

Jackson=s Administration,                                   page 267


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