World War I
British Cookery
Under Rationing
Recipes by M.M. Mitchell

edited by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-041 $30.00 (Foreign, $70.00)(8 1/2" x 11" soft cover book, 102 pages)

    I N D E X

    b=Dishes suitable for breakfast

Aromatic Spice,


Bread, homemade, with potatoes,
Buns, jam,
Nut whole meal loaf,
Oat cakes,
Oat shortbread,
Oatmeal biscuits,
Potato rock cakes,
Rice and maize cakes,
Scones, pan,
do. potato girdle,
Vinegar seed cake,
Cheese, potato,
Cheese, from sour milk,
Cocoa butter, to clarify,
Cooking on gas,
Economy in labor,
Fats, to clarify,


Crab, mock,
b Fish cakes,
b do. Cutlets, mock,
do. Fillets of, a la Morny,
do. paste,
do. ravioli of,
b Haddock cream cakes,
b Herrings, fillets a la Indienne,
b do. pickled or salted,
do. roes, curried,
do. stuffed with haricot beans,
b Mussels and rice balls,
do. in white sauce,
do. to prepare,
Plaice, fillets of, with shrimp sauce,
b Salmon and potato cakes,
b Sardine and egg croutes, devilled,
b do. and potato rolls,
Shrimp souffles,
Hay-box cooker,
Margarine or butter, to increase the quantity of,


Bacon and bean roll,
do. dumplings,
Beef balls and macaroni,
do. jugged, and forcemeat balls,
do. olives,
do. small roast joint,
do. steak, stuffed and braised,
Cabbage rolls, stuffed,
do. stewed with beef balls,
do. do. forcemeat balls,
do. do. sausages,
Cannelons a la Parisienne,
b Chestnut and ham croquets,
Croquets a la Napolitaine,
Eastern stew,
Ham, quenelles of,
do. mousseline of,
do. ravioli of,
b Liver, potted,
b do. Sausages,
Marrow stuffed with meat,
b Meat and maize sausages,
b Meat and oatmeal sausages,
do. pancakes,
do. pie with Potato Pastry,
Mushroom Pie,
Potatoes stuffed with bacon,
Mutton, ravioli of, I and II.,
Pigeon, braised with cabbage rolls,
do. grilled with devilled sauce,
Polenta, or savory maize,
b Potato omelet with ham,
Rabbit, galantine of (cold),
do. do. (Hot),
Sausage roll,
Savory pie,
Sheep's brains, croustads of,
do. head, boned and stewed,
do. head cutlets,
Veal and spaghetti, ragout of,


Bean roast,
do. stuffed,
b Butter beans devilled,
b do. or haricot bean cakes,
do. or haricot beans, curried,
Celeriac flan,
Cheese dumplings,
do. pancakes,
Chestnut and cheese croquets,
b Eggs, browned, and tomatoes,
b do. en cocotte,
do. with morny sauce,
do. poached in curry,
b do. rice,
b do. savory,
b do. scotch,
do. and shrimp puree,
b do. stuffed with roes,
b do. tomato,
b do. do. and potato,
do. ravioli of, and spinach,
do. do. anchovy,
Hot pot of vegetables,
Lentils, stewed,
Macaroni cheese,
Macedoine of vegetables (cold),
do. do. (Hot),
do. vegetables with tomato sauce,
Noodles au Gratin,
Nouilles au Gratin,
do. a l'Italienne,
do. a la Napolitaine,
Nut and cheese croquets,
b do. sausages,
Nutmeat roll,
Oatmeal pudding,
b do. sausages,
Potato and cheese cakes,
do. flan,
b do. omelet,
b do. with cheese,
b do. and tomato cakes with cheese,
Potatoes au Gratin,
do. stuffed with cheese,
b Potted brown beans,
b do. butter beans and anchovy,
b do. tomatoes,
b. do. cheese and tomato,
Rice and potato pasties,
Rice, savory,
Salsify flan,
Semolina, savory,
Tomatoes and rice,
Vegetable marrow fritters,
do. stuffed with butter beans,
Vegetable pies, I, II and III,
b do. sausages,
do. toad in the hole,
Oven, improvised,
Oven, pot,


Batter, frying,
do. to take place of egg,
Cheese pastry,
Fatless paste, I and II,
Nouilles Paste, or home made Macaroni,
Oatmeal pastry,
Oil pastry,
Potato pastry,
Short pastry,
Sweet pastry,


Bottling fruit, simple method,
Chutney, rhubarb,
Fruit pulp,
Jam, general rules for,
do. green tomato and date,
do. marrow,
do. pear,
do. from pulp,
do. quince and apple,
do. sloe and apple,
Marmalade, lemon and parsnip,
do. orange and carrot,
Pickle, marrow,
Pickled apples and pears,


Chestnut puree with custard,
Flan, or open tart,
Pudding crust with potatoes,
Pudding, Christmas,
do. fatless,
do. maize custard,
do. and potato,
do. plain plum,
do. suet, with fig filling,
do. vegetable Christmas,
do. and fig,
Rice tart,
Roast in saucepan,


Apple and potato,
Egg and cress,
Potato and horseradish,
Salad cream,


Sauce, bechamel,
do. brain,
do. brown,
do. chili,
do. devilled,
do. morny,
do. tomato,
do. white,


Soup, almond,
do. apple,
do. bone,
do. bread,
Soup, leek and sago,
do. lobster, mock,
do. mussel,
do. vegetable (mixed),
do. mulligatawny,
do. scotch broth,
do. stock,
Tomato puree,


Beetroot and chili sauce,
do. for sweetening,
Cabbage, stewed,
do. red, stewed,
Chestnuts, curried,
b do. devilled,
do. puree,
Lettuces, stuffed,
Marrow, stewed,
Potatoes, boiled in skins,
do. curried,
b do. and onion cakes,
do. patties,
do. stewed,
b do. and tomato cakes,
Rice steamed,
Spinach, stewed,
Worcester sauce,


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