Ships of the U.S. Army

World War II, Korea & Viet Nam
U.S. Army Cargo Ships
Design No. 381.
FS-253 class
A Study in blueprints

by Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-092 $70.00 (Foreign, $100.00)(11"x17", soft cover book of engineering drawings, 139 pages)
Ships of class: USAT FS-253 through USAT FS-554.

Ships of class to US Navy: USS Deal (AG-131)(AKL-2); USS Elba, (AG-132)(AKL-3); USS Errol (AG-133)(AKL-4); USS Estero, (AG-134)(AKL-5); USS Jekyl, (AG-135)(AKL-6); USS Metomkin, (AG-136)(AKL-7); USS Roque, (AG-137)(AKL-8); USS Ryer, (AG-138)(AKL-9); USS Sharps, (AG-139)(AKL-10); USS Torry, (AG-140)(AKL-11); USS Tingles (AG-144)(AKL-13); USS Hewell, (AG-145)(AKL-14); USS Brule (AKL-28), (T-AKL-28); USS Alhena (AKL-38); USS Almaack (AKL-39); USS Deimos (AKL-40); USS Renate (AKL-42); USS Banner , (T-AKL-25)(AGER-1); USS Pueblo, (AKL-44)(AGER-2); USS Whidbey (AG-141); USS Range Recoverer (AG-161)(AGM-2).

Ships of class to Military Sea Transportation Service: USNS New Bedford, (T-AKL-17)(IX-308); USNS T-AKL-21; USNS T-AKL-23; USNS T-AKL-24; USNS T-AKL-26; USNS T-AKL-27; USNS T-AKL-28; USNS T-AKL-29; USNS T-AKL-31; USNS T-AKL-32; USNS T-AKL-34; USNS T-AKL-35; USNS T-AKL-36; USNS T-AKL-41 and USNS Shearwater (T-AG-177).

Ship of class to the US Coast Guard: (WAK-169).

Ships transferred to China: Peony, Lotus, Iris, Hai Hong, Hai Who, Lily and Poppy.

Ship transferred to France: Girod.

Ship transferred to Liberia: Joanne.

Ships transferred to Korea: City of Yoju, City of Chungju, City of Chechon, City of Pyontack, City of Iri and City of Waegwan.

Ships transferred to the Philippines: Don Mariano, Virginia VI, Cotabato J, General Mojica, General Roxas, General Lukban, General Mascardo, Taype, Elizabeth, Governor Smith, Oriental, Elcano, General Luna, Lano, Grace I, Sorsogon, Victor, Dona Remedios, Neptuno, Basilan, Venusm, Vizcaya, Elena, Albert and Corregidor.

List of Blueprints

World War II, Korea & Viet Nam
U.S. Army Cargo Ships
Design No. 330
FP/FS-135 class
A Study in Blueprints

Duane Borchers, Sr.

BK-102 $75.00 (Foreign, $105.00)(11"x17", soft cover 160 pages)
Ships of class: FS-135 through FS-203, FS-222 through FS-234.

Ships of class to US Navy: USNS T-AKL-19 and USNS T-AKL-15

Ship of class to US Coast Guard: USCGC Spruce (WAK-246)

Ships of class sold privately: Viki; Sikeoynes; Alaminos, renamed Great Wicomico, Clipperton; Zebrula, renamed Sinepuxent; Theresa Lee and Henry I, renamed Star Mindanao

Ship of class to China: Shamrock

Ship of class to Costa Rica: Dopey

Ship of class to France: Petrel

Ship of class to Hong Kong: Edith Moller

Ships of class to Korea: City of Namwon, City of Yongdungpo, City of Ongjin, City of Wongju and City of Kumchon

Ship of class to Liberia: African Guide

Ships of class to the Philippines: Don Esteban, Zamboanga, Mickey, Governor Gilbert, General Segundo, Davao, Dona Filomena, Edward and General Malvar