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Resin Sub Models & Parts from J&D Productions

Books:    Naval History and Military History: U.S. vessel armaments during the Mexican War era--Confederate ordnance for the land service, I've also included 143 line drawings by Brevet Major Alfred Mordecai, U.S. Army, from an 1849 U.S. Army Ordnance Manual--U.S. naval ordnance of the Civil War--Revenue Cutter Service during the Spanish-American War--U.S. Coast Guard Cutters to England, Lake class (Lend-Lease),--Two World War I cook books and one World War II cook book--Hotchkiss two pounder mountain gun-- 303 inch Maxim gun--German artillery, WW I--Poetry of the Spanish-American War--

the following books of ship plans / Naval books, (engineering drawings & histories) are in book form in a 11"x17" format

Battleships:    Aircraft Carriers:   Cruisers:   Destroyers:  
Destroyer Escorts:   Submarines:   Mine Warfare Vessels: 
High Speed Transports:   Transports  Cargo Ships: 
Tankers:    Tenders:    Ships of the U.S. Army:    Merchant Hulls  

Artillery:   Auxiliaries:

New Stuff:  Updated February 2, 2011

Ship Plans copied from the National Archives:
  From the Colonial era to the Civil War, for the modeler and historian.

Ship plans copied from the National Archives:   From Spanish-American War to present.

  German and Japanese World War II plans 

Ship Plans copied from the National Archives:   Submarines.

Ordnance Plans copied from the National Archives: Military and Naval ordnance from the War of 1812 era to the Spanish-American War.

Photos of ships from the Spanish-American War

Son's Locksmith business

Link to Seaways' Ships in Scale magazine

Link to scale model, a site for static models, r/c models, model railroads & supplies

U.S. House of Representatives calendar  
Just what happened one hundred and fifty years ago (1865 this March? Funny you asked:
--Wisconsin ratified the 13th amendment--
--John Wilkes Booth aborted plan to kidnap President Lincoln when he failed to make trip to soldier's home--
--Confederates briefly captured Fort Stedman at Petersburg, Virginia but were forced to withdraw--
--Grant's forces began to move against Lee at Petersburg and Richmond-- 
Sure sounds like picking up this Wednesday's Webster Echo.
Read all about it in this month's calendar!
also under calendar-
Naval Chronology for March of 1865.

also under calendar-

Artillery for the Land Service:
Drawn and engraved under the direction of
Brevet Major Alfred Mordecai
- 1848:
Barbette carriages: Chassis for 32-pdr. carriages and Pent House.

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